Friday, January 13, 2012

The morning after....

We had a lovely snow fall last evening and everything looked lovely dressed  in Winter Whites...But with the climbing temperatures I expect by supper time we will be back to green again..     I like green but in spring and summer not in Winter...I have snowshoes that I would like to put to use this Winter...hoping for some snow to stay around for awhile....Remember the Winters that use to start in Early November and go till end of my parents would have said" those were the days"  Enough about the weather....hope everyone has a project for the winter months....I make greeting cards and only started it a year ago, but really love everything else you could spent hoards of money....but with my Scottish roots I try to find sales as often as I can....I will share some of the Christmas cards I have made already for next year...Hope everyone has a great weekend..

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