Tuesday, March 13, 2012

 Got to thinking about gardening......
and all the different articles you could use to plant in and ideas that would personalize what you do....so here are a few,  maybe you will enjoy and use in your garden adventures this coming season...
 Love this idea of using old kitchen tools as markers for the plants...
 Have I got you thinking about some of the stuff you have that could be re-directed, for another use...the bike is great....check Aiken House & gardens , she uses a bike that her Father had in her garden......
 would love to have a cabinet like this to use as a potting area...I've seen one made with recycled pallets...old barn boards would be nice too...would give that weathered look
 using old chairs as plant stands...isn't that potato vine a beautiful shade of green...fresh
I think would be great to plant herbs in and hang by the kitchen door....


  1. Martha, these are sweet ideas for the gardner. I do use the coffee filters in the bottom of my pots. It keeps the dirt from going through the drainholes. I've also used an old chair for a planter. I came across a whole lot of old worn silver that I'd love to make a windchime with. Hmmmm.... Have a great day!

  2. Many cute ideas! I really like the colander one and the old bike one and I'd love it if my hubby would build me some sort of potting bench.

  3. Hi Martha,
    You have shared some wonderful ideas. Each one is terrific! Thanks for your visit and have a lovely weekend.