Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday.....Good to have days off to refuel...  that's what I will do tomorrow when I go to Worship, I will refuel my soul for another week
 So often I see pictures that bring memories of lovely places or times that I have shared with friends and family.   The world around us is fast paced and getting faster it seems each day...


My brother Robert

cousins at family get-together

My Mother 

My sisters and I holding kittens that ready to go back to their mother
this week I was thinking of my childhood and how we had so much fun just playing in the yard using our imaginations, building forts in the snow, having tea parties on the verenah, playing with new kittens in the barn...I think children today are pushed into adulthood to early....they need to be children and enjoy those days I have gathered some pictures that I hope you enjoy.  

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  1. Martha, these photos are so sweet. Reminders of a gentler time. Enjoy the weekend. Blessings, Pamela